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Our praline flavor is the favorite home creation since its inception. Hazelnuts selected with the utmost attention, caramelized sugar with a rigorous precision and advanced know-how are the secrets of this recipe. Since that time, and still day after day, this preparation has not changed. Each season, we relive this timeless flavor through brand news associations.


Ingredients: Cocoa paste, hazelnut paste, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, dried fruits, soy lecithin Best consumed by 1 month Preservation instructions: keep cold and dry at about 16 °C Valeurs énergétiques Pour 100g Énergie 587g Graisses 43g Acides gras saturés 15g Glucides 35g Sucres 33g Protéines 12g Sodium 0.34g Allergènes ALLERGÈNES: SOJA et FRUITS A COQUES. Peut contenir des traces d'autres FRUITS A COQUES