Candied Chestnuts 6

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It is in the purest french tradition that we continue making our chestnuts. All our fruits are origin guaranteed(Naples) and are carefully selected. Chestnuts are scented by the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and contain no additives or preservatives.


Ingredients: Chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla pods Best consumed by 1 month Preservation instructions: Keep cold and dry at about 16°C Valeurs énergétiques Pour 100G Énergie (KCAL) 318 Énergie (KJ) 1439 Protéines 1G Lipides 0.9G Acides Gras Saturés 0.2G Glucides 75G Fibres 3G Sucres 46G Sel 0.06G Allergènes ALLERGÈNES: SOJA et FRUITS A COQUES. Peut contenir des traces d'autres FRUITS A COQUES